MY Renaissance

We are all just ungrateful and we don’t know how much most of our life’s are someone else’s dream. The beauty of being ungrateful is that we cleanse ourselves and become more humble it that split second. In that second we see how much we love our family, we realize we should show our love in a more peaceful and graceful way. We thank that “gross” meal we had for lunch was actually the most magnificent meal sent straight from heaven. That second is where our humanity exists. So when we are ungrateful we become grateful. -D


when you look at the galaxy, the entire universe, earth is only a small speck. and into earth is everything; birds, lions, fish, trees, you. and into you is your life, your family, friends, your lover. and into them are their family, their friends, and their lovers; your problems, and their problems. but when you look at the galaxy, the entire universe, your problems don’t seem so big anymore. 


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